Robyn Stevens

Robyn Stevens


Do you want to attract all the abundance that life has to offer?

  • Enough money to not only pay bills, but to also vacation, get that shiny new car and take those art classes.
  • A loving, healthy relationship that makes you smile every time you think of your partner.
  • Work that is your passion and not just a job.

You can have all of these things and more just by paying attention to your feng shui.

Feng Swhat?!

Feng Shui is the art and science of balancing and harmonizing your space.  That means how you live in a space—the stuff you have, where you put that stuff, and how you decorate—directly impacts your life in every way: your finances, your love life, relationships with family and friends, your career and your health.  Everything.   

Whether you realize it or not, whether you practice it or not, whether you pay it any attention or not, feng shui is happening.

Robyn works intimately with each client to make the connection between what is going on in their space to see what might be holding them back.  She does it with candor and empathy in a way that can be heard, understood, and practiced.  Each consultation is unique based on a client’s needs and desires.  

Often, simple changes to your home lead to major, positive shifts in your life.

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Robyn Stevens is a chameleon. She's been a corporate cog and small business owner, though her favorite titles are wife, sister, daughter, and auntie. After becoming a certified feng shui practitioner in 2012 she launched Feng Shui in 2013. You've probably seen her work in corporate cubes and friend's homes, though she'll never tell you where she's been; the privacy of her clients matters too much to spill those details. What she will do is come to your home or office or host a workshop or private event to teach and inspire you to make your space—wherever that might be—work for you.

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