Infrared light therapy includes near, mid and far wavelengths similar to those provided by the sun.  These wavelengths are able to penetrate deeper into tissue, accelerating your natural ability to heal.  Once the infrared rays reach your skin, your body's temperature raises.  This internal heat increases circulation, allowing the release and elimination of toxins.

Historically many cultures have healing therapies that use heat to encourage the body's natural ability to eliminate toxins by sweating.  Some familiar practices include Native American sweat lodges and Roman bath houses that utilized natural hot springs for healing.

Health benefits include Detoxification, Stress Reduction, Cell Health/Immunity, Pain Relief, Heart Health/Circulation, Depression/Mood, Wound Healing, Weight Loss,  and Skin Rejuvenation.


Infrared Therapy Options:

  • Single Treatment: $35
  • Four Treatment Package: $120 (30 per treatment)
  • Ten Treatment Package: $220 ($22 per treatment)