The Fall

Definitely my favorite season.  
Burning red leaves.  Chai Tea.  Scarves.  Boots.  Flannel.  
Crisp morning air that leaves a chill on the back of your neck.  
Pumpkin patches and Apple orchards.

And yet, the Fall isn't just about comfortable clothes and cozy evenings by the fire.  
It is also about a greater perspective.  Release.  The beginning of full surrender.

You see, every season shows an aspect of the cycles of creation and destruction.  
The cycles of Life.  

The spring is the quintessence of new life.  New beginnings.  
The summer is about living that life.  Basking in the sun and fully experiencing the joy of it all.  
The fall is about seeing the big picture and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.     
Winter is about going inward.  Surrendering to, and sometimes dying to, a part of you that no longer serves.  
Sometimes the cycles are easy and expected.  
We grow.  We get older, wiser.
And it is as easy as the passing of one moment to the next.  

Sometimes its not. 

Sometimes we get so focused on what is being created.  
What we are striving for.  What we are building.  
That we lose sight of the inner guidance that once sparked 
this vision, love, or passion within us in the first place.  

Spring flowers bloom, 
and yet
We get caught up.  
We get misdirected.   
We get preoccupied. 

Summer warms our skin, 
and yet
The temperature rises.  
The sun beats down.  
We get burned.

All of the sudden we find ourselves not where we thought we were.  
We are lost.  In unfamiliar territory. 
And we wonder what happened.

Fall leaves begin to drop.
And it can be beautiful
And it can be messy.

And sometimes, we resist.
We try to save it. 
To make it right.  
To cling to what we created.

To take back the summer. 
To constantly live in the spring.

And yet,   

It all Falls 

To the ground.

And it burns
and turns to ash. 

And the ash becomes dust.  

And the dust settles.

And the winter comes.  And we go within.  
And underneath the cold earth lies a seedling.  
New life.  
Renewed in life.  

And out of the dust arises a new form.  Ever created.  A being.  Becoming.  Again.

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