Stephanie Novacek

Stephanie Novacek


Stephanie offers physical therapy and other holistic services for mothers & children to empower them with the tools for optimal health through natural prevention. In addition to Infant Massage classes, Stephanie provides nutrition & cultured food classes for all ages, exercise classes for pregnancy/postpartum, & guided grocery store tours for those wanting to learn more about how to improve their own health in a natural & cost-effective way.

Stephanie Novacek graduated from Creighton University Physical Therapy Program in May 2001 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She focused her career on children in both the home-based and outpatient settings. She specializes in developmental diagnoses between birth to 5 years of age, neuromuscular disorders, and chronic pain. Stephanie is certified as an Infant and Pediatric Massage Instructor providing group and private classes for families and care providers to learn the benefits of therapeutic touch for the healthy development of babies and children. She also specializes in therapeutic touch for children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy  on the Autism spectrum. In January 2013, Stephanie established her company, Well Bellies & Babies.

Stephanie values education and community service having served on the board for the Kansas City Pediatric Alliance, guest lecturing for local universities in their Physical Therapy program, and providing transfer training for counselors at the Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp which she participated as a counselor for 10 years. 

Stephanie is fulfilled with an active lifestyle as a mama of 4 children (8 year old boy/girl twins, 5 year old daughter, and 1 year old son.  She enjoys being outdoors to play with her kids, garden, or read.  She and her family currently reside on a 10-acre homestead where they enjoy fishing, raising chickens, and gardening. She is passionate about continuing to expand her knowledge about natural prevention and is eager to share this invaluable education with the intent to guide and inspire mamas and children to celebrate their health journey from womb to world. 

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