Cura Convergence

Give yourself a year.  One year.  

We will walk you through a Detoxification program to cleanse your tissues and detoxify your internal (and external) environment.  Your body will be treated with chiropractic care, myofascial unwinding, and strengthened with personalized yoga and strengthening exercises.  

You will meet with a nutritionist for your specific metabolic and dietary needs, taking into account your food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.  Acupuncture and herbs/homeopathy will help regulate energy centers and balance hormones.  

Vibrational therapy will help assimilate the body into the subtle realms and heighten the bodies energy.  Hypnotherapy will help rid the body of addictions and old patterns that do not serve your highest and best.  Akashic Records will help direct the mind to the souls true path.  

After a year of care, your physiology will be upregulated and more balanced.  You will also have a greater understanding of your own healing potential and a number of tools to help assist you on your life journey.  


Infrared Sauna

Functional Nutrition



Myofascial Release




Vibrational Medicine


Akashic Records 


Higher Consciousness Entrainment

Cura Assessment

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Cura Detox

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