Rev. Tiffany Baker

Rev. Tiffany Baker

A spiritual advisor is someone who helps you connect to God/Love/The Divine Source and encourages you to live as someone who has inherent worth. A spiritual advisor listens without judgment, offers encouragement, and asks questions to help you reflect more deeply.

Spiritual advising might be for you if:

  • you are trying to make a decision

  • you are in transition

  • you want to parent less anxiously

  • you seek to live more authentically

  • you need guidance learning to trust yourself

  • you need reminders of your belovedness

  • you want to experience more joy

  • you want to learn to ask for what you need

  • you want help setting boundaries

  • you want to live shame-free

During our time together I will offer a safe space for you to be seen and heard. I will not behave as if I know what's best for you; my goal is to empower YOU to trust yourself and feel supported. I will give you tools to practice self-love and self-compassion so you can live a life free from shame.

Tiffany Baker is an ordained minister and the Executive Director of a non-profit called "Free to Thrive." She's a recovering people-pleaser and high achiever who seeks the freedom that comes from ditching perfectionism and shame. She's a survivor of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety who feels passionate about supporting mothers and families.

You can learn more about Tiffany at or You can also follow her on FB or IG: revtiffanybaker