Emily Graham

Emily Graham


Whatever your discovery style, application style, learning style, integration style – the Violet Vision offers a variety of ways to connect to the Violet Flame & a variety of ways to help you discover your own unique connection and interpretation of the Flame.  The Violet Vision is here to help you to land your own creations & support you in your own expansion – in whatever way you choose.
There is no one “right way” to connect to the Sacred Flame.  All it takes is the conscious choice to connect, from the heart, and so shall it be.  There are no requirements to be met in order to establish a connection to the Flame, or a connection with The Violet Vision.
I truly believe we are all deserving and worthy of this magical connection.  I truly believe that we may all cultivate it, use it & be it – each in our own unique way.  The Violet Vision is available to anyone and everyone.  Come as you are, to receive what you need to.
The Violet Vision is here to co-create with you.  The Violet Vision is here to support you with transmutation, transformation, connection, creation, expansion & much more.

In Love, Light & the Flame,

Group Work:
Violet Light Infusion
Violet Light Infusions are a combination of guided meditation and Violet Light energy work. Come as you are to receive what you need in a safe & loving space, while being led on a magical guided journey. Connect with the Sacred Fire, release what no longer serves you, & infuse yourself with the alchemical power of the Violet Flame!

Violet Vibrations – A Violet Creation Ceremony

The Violet Flame is incredibly dynamic and it supports you in a variety of ways.  During the Violet Creation Ceremony, the Flame will be used to make space, raise vibrations & support creations.  In this sacred ceremonial space, you will have the opportunity to write out your intentions for things you’d like to create and place them on the Violet Flame Altar.  We will then journey together using visualization, breathwork & the Flame to support you with being in alignment with your intentions and with discovering what next steps you can take to manifest your desires.

Violet Expressions –The Art of Alchemical Movement

Violet Expressions is a combination of guided moving meditation and Violet Light energy work offered in a group setting.  Come as you are to receive what you need in a safe and loving space, while being led through a series of movement, breathwork and visualization.  Through this alchemical movement we will release unsupportive energy and emotions, raise our vibration and achieve balance & alignment.  

Individual Work:
If you are interested in working together one-on-one rather than in a group setting – services offered at this time include personalized Infusions, Reiki, and Channeled Writing Sessions.  For more information, please email Emily at: thevioletvision333@gmail.com

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