Brad Elpers

Brad Elpers


In the Toltec Shamanic Arts, it is understood that there is a spiritual dimension, invisible to the five physical senses, which is important in our lives. What would you find if you journeyed there?

Unseen energies have been with you since you were born, friendly allies who have guided you.  What insights would you gain if you communicated with them?

A part of you knows that you are one with the universe, that you are intimately connected with all life, all energy.  How would your life change if you fully embodied this more expansive self?

The practice of the shamanic journey is about finding the answers to these questions, finding clarity, and awakening your connection with the world of spirit.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is believed to be the most ancient form of healing on Earth practiced by humans. Shamanism has been found in many indigenous cultures in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Central and Northern Asia, Eastern and Northern Europe, and Africa.  The techniques used have withstood the test of time and are amazingly similar around the world despite geographic and cultural differences among those practicing shamanic healing.

Shamanism is a healing practice of working with the energy of pure consciousness to provide therapeutic alignment of mind, body, and spirit in this physical world.  A shamanic practitioner reaches deepened states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with the spirit world with intention to influence a desired physical outcome or manifestation, or provide insight and guidance for those requesting.

What does a Shamanic Healer do?

The word shaman comes from Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark”.  It widely refers to those who are medicine women/men, healers, and seers.  Shamans believe that all problems, whether they be physical, emotional, or mental, are rooted in an imbalance of spirit.  This imbalance is largely the result of our own egoic interference with our spiritual contracts for this life.  A shaman works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem.  Many methods are used in shamanic healing, including soul retrieval, spiritual ally retrieval (spirit guide or spirit animal connection), removal of unwanted energies, and ancestral healing.  Shamans never work alone, as they are always in connection to transcendental energies of spirit who guide and work through them to provide what is needed for people.

In my practice of shamanic healing, I serve as a guide holding a safe and compassionate space to present your intention to the healing presence of pure consciousness.  I humble myself in a loving and compassionate posture to serve as a conduit for healing, wisdom, and love to flow through me for your benefit.

What does your Toltec healing session look like?

Every client and situation differ, yet the framework of each session is very similar.  First you are guided through gentle movements of your joints and deep breathing to assist in opening your energy channels and calming your nervous system.  Once you are comfortable and relaxed and the atmosphere feels ready, we begin our journey.  Fire (candles), water, earth, air, essential oils, resins and herbs such as a moxa stick, lemongrass, sage, juniper, and mugwort are used to assist in holding, cleansing, purifying, and stimulating senses and energy channels for our journey. Gentle, soothing music plays as I drum a rhythmic beat for grounding, anchoring, and stimulating our focus to a heart-centered awareness.  In this way, we create the most healing space of integrity for Divine Love, Divine Healing, and Divine Wisdom to flow forth to us.  After the journey, we return our physical awareness with a new, heart-centered connection and insight.  You are welcome to sit quietly, ask questions, or discuss your experience with me during the post-journey integration.

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Brad Elpers has always had an affinity for nature, the elements, the universe, and natural healing. Even as his career path led him into sales and eventually becoming an entrepreneur, his self-study sent him on a journey deeper into the capacity of human potential.  This journey led him on a path to many teachers through books, workshops, dreams, energy therapies, yoga, and most notably the spirit guidance through shamanic journeys.  His training has been mentored and inspired by teachings of HeatherAsh Amara, Alberto Villoldo, and Sandra Ingerman, as well as traditions from Toltec, Native America, Norse, and Peruvian shamans.  The foundation of Brad’s belief in healing your body, mind, heart, and spirit is guiding you to discover that you greatest teacher lies within, and helping you remember and connect with the Oneness you are.  As a yoga and mindfulness coach, Brad brings his awareness of breath work, mindful movement, and energy flow within the body to his healing sessions.  This provides you with a safe, soothing, and relaxing experience that only assists to deepen your connection to pure consciousness in the most blissful, heart-opening way.