It was my first time getting acupuncture, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I feel noticeably better physically, which is why I went there. Also, in a weird way. it was an emotional cleansing, which I did not expect. I would recommend this place and all of their specialists for anyone trying to better their health.
— Daniel Rosenak

This is a long review but necessary to express just how amazing Cura Integrative Health Care is in this world.

I owe a tremendous amount of healing and growth to Cura. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend several days receiving marvelous care and several of the modalities offered.

I started with Biofeedback with Jane Shipley. It was a tremendous gift in my healing journey. I was able to talk and cry about my concerns, see where I started, where I was blocked, learn new ways of thinking and know myself on a much deeper level. After a week of treatments, I had another session and gloriously saw my progress, learned that deep wounds had been cleared. Including the clearing of two deeply traumatic events in my life that I thought I’d hold the rest of my life. Jane is lovingly empathetic, fantastically intuitive, and a brilliant, kind & wise counselor. Her presence in my healing journey is a gift I treasure.

Dr. Jill Strom is absolutely brilliant. She cleared a subluxation which I’d long been troubled by. I had amazing healing through her command of acupuncture. I never dreamed acupuncture could facilitate the absolute clarity I needed in order to progress in my wellness journey. To describe my experience as miraculous is exactly that. Through my biofeedback session, Dr. Jill was able to discuss food allergies I have and guide me to a better life through vision, nutrition and supplements. She is an intuitive on a profound level. Her kind, gentle demeanor and love of healing, make her one of the most powerful healers and chiropractors I’ve had the pleasure to know and see. I am forever grateful to Dr. Strom for creating such an exquisite healing/wellness facility.

Prior to my time with Cura, I did not know what Myofascial release was. I had the absolute gift of deep healing and release in my session with Gillian Hansen. Her space is safe, soothing and comfortable. Gillian innately knew what my body needed at each moment. Years of struggle released from my body. I was able to express the release exactly as I needed to because Gillian was a beautiful guardian and safe haven for my healing expression. My session was profound and I cannot recommend this modality strongly enough. I am so very grateful to Gillian for further facilitating my healing journey.

To say that Sound & Vibrational Healing is masterful, is an understatement. I was blessed with a session with Rama Inacio. Rama is an amazing teacher whose love of healing is felt and performed from a soul level. Once again, the healing space provided was strong, beautiful and safe. I was able to give myself over to receive the healing gifts Rama selflessly, intuitively and generously bestowed upon me. Being a trained musician myself, I was greatly moved by Rama’s masterful, fluent and innately musical gifts. My healing journey with Rama was gentle, yet deep and profound. Rama’s kindness, like all of the gifted healers at Cura, made the healing journey one I easily committed to, understood and willingly moved through.

The timing of my visit was graced by being able to experience my first hypnotherapy and Akashic Records session with Kirsten Mills. The love emanating from Kirsten from our first email, to our actual sessions, was beautifully evident. Another gifted healer and teacher, I was able to access places within myself I wasn’t consciously aware of. Kirsten held space for me to feel completely at ease, safe, very open and capable of receiving the understanding I needed for my soul to further heal and move forward. Kirsten’s gracious nature and empathy allowed me to understand painful, current and past experiences in a non- judgmental manner I’d never given myself. I’m enormously grateful.

I’m new to meditation. I had a beautiful experience in a group meditation session led by Nancy Fabiano. She led our group into and out of a meditation experience I will always remember. It was effortless, safe, relaxing but powerful and full of love. It is an enormous gift to receive clarity without struggle, frustration or angst. I’m beyond grateful to Nancy for further opening my heart to being gentle with myself and to know and further understand that answers can and do come when we quiet ourselves. To be ok with needing silence as I do, was a gift. I’d been very hard on myself thinking that my need for silence, and love of it, was too much. Accepting that as ok for myself was a gift Nancy led me to discover.

Finally, my immense gratitude and appreciation to Cura Administrative Assistant, Juli Renninger. Juli organized my experience at Cura with tremendous care, understanding and love. Each appointment was designed to lead into the next to make the most out of the time I had available and to best suit what my journey needed to continue forward movement in wellness, healing, joy, love and gratitude.

The world needs more facilities, like Cura that are lovingly dedicated to healing, wellness, love, purpose and authenticity. Meeting such a powerful, purposeful yet lovingly kind circle of healers, teachers & practitioners was one of the biggest gifts of my life. I will travel back to Cura and these amazing teachers for the rest of my life.
— Melinda Gittleman

Dr. Jill and the rest of the staff at Cura are absolutely amazing! My husband and I struggled for 3 years to get pregnant. After numerous tests, shots, medications and procedures, we had almost given up hope of ever having a baby. We were given Dr. Jill’s info and our lives were changed the minute we met her. I left her office after our first consultation with encouragement and a new hope that she would be able to help us. With the help of Dr. Jill, the right supplements, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncuture, we FINALLY got pregnant. I continued to see Dr. Jill throughout my pregnancy and believe that my weekly adjustments and acupuncture are the reason I felt so good for my entire pregnancy. Two and a half weeks ago, we gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Finley Shai. We truly believe that God brought us to Dr. Jill when He did as part of His plan for our lives, we just had to trust and believe in His timing. We are forever grateful for Dr. Jill and the physical AND emotional healing that she provided for us. She is the most inspiring, encouraging, passionate and caring doctor I have ever been to and she truly has a gift. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place and the staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
— Lyndie Trotter

Kirsten Mills hypnotherapy sessions have been just what I needed to move forward. She truly has a healing gift. She makes it personal and comfortable. Combined with Dr. Jill’s adjustments and acupuncture, I have never felt more focused on my path to wellness.
— Lindsay Wuttke Stephenson