Brad Elpers

Brad Elpers


Yoga with Brad is centered around his simple philosophy of “stability before mobility”. This philosophy is woven together with scientific intelligence and traditional wisdom. This experiential path of yoga facilitates the healing and integration of your body, mind, heart, and spirit through mindfulness, self-awareness, breathing, safe and functional movement, presence, focus, meditation, and a sense of wholeness.  All are welcome, whether you are a brand new beginner, seeking to reduce stress and anxiety, wanting relief from pain, or desiring to refine and elevate your practice and performance. Brad offers specifically tailored private yoga sessions for groups and individuals.

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Brad Elpers is the founder and owner of Acme Yoga Company.  He began his yoga journey in 2009, as part of therapy for chronic back and hip pain.  On the advice of both his chiropractor and acupuncturist he tried taking yoga classes.  After four months, taking two to three basic or restorative yoga classes per week, he found himself free of his back and hip pain.  What began simply as a desire to live without pain expanded into an exploration of strength, balance, and living with less anxiety and stress. 

Since 2009, his practice deepened through studies with teachers from around the world.  Though he has a passion for a strong, challenging, and physical personal practice rooted in mindful movement and alignment, he says his heart is touched most by witnessing, practicing with, and teaching students who honor themselves with enough courage and self-belief to step onto their mat over and over again.  His mission is to help students find their joy, through practicing yoga, reducing stress and anxiety, living authentically, connecting to their inner voice, and recognizing the power of their own inner teacher. 

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi